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About Us

Web & App Development

Software development is major part of our business. We can solve IT challenges that you may have and put systems in place to make your business run more efficiently. We have worked on many back office applications to help small to medium businesses improve operations. We have the expertise to develop, integrate and run the information systems which are so crucial to enhancing your workforce. Our clients benefit from our success and proven skills. We apply industry standard techniques and best practices. We follow strict testing and quality control standards and have dedicated staff members to manage our QA needs. 

Matterport Virtual Tours

We are a Matterport Service Partner. This means we can can create virtual tours for your clients and employees of homes, offices, internal building construction, hotels, spas and more! 

We also have the added ability of staging environments virtually!

Drone Services

With licensed and insured FAA Part 107 pilots on staff, we love to capture moments from a different perspective for our clients. Focusing on photography, video and inspections.

Stay tuned as we look to add search and rescue assistance to our service list!

Podcast Management

Podcast management and production is one of our newer services.  

Utilizing Yardstream, Imagine-IT is able to record and stream podcasts for groups and organizations. We also customize the branding, overlays, backgrounds and more for each group and organization giving each podcast individual identities. 

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